Stinky, yummy, smelly, delicious memories…

Last week we told you about your sense of TASTE…this week, we’re going to tell you more about your sense of SMELL!

Smell is the most sensitive of the senses we have.

75% of our emotions are triggered by smell…I bet you can think of smells that make you feel happy, disgusted, or excited?

Our brains are very good at memorising smells to help remind us of particular memories.

Which smells remind you of when you were younger?

Does you teddy have a certain smell? Or your bedroom? PEWWWWW no stinky socks, I hope!! 😉

Here’s a challenge for today:

Close your eyes tight and get your friend, sibling or parents to hold different things in front of your nose to smell. This works really well with foods, but sometimes it’s fun to add something else in! See if you can tell what it is without opening your eyes. You can also decide whether you like the smell, and whether it reminds you of anything…

Hmmm I wonder what they’ll choose for you to smell!

Nutrition Ninja

Let us know!

Nutrition Ninja 🙂


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All about your senses: TASTE

Today we’re going to learn about ‘taste’. Taste is one of our five senses, and is experienced with our tongue.

Our tongue is covered in tiny things (smaller than you or I can see) called ‘taste buds’. These taste buds help us to distinguish the different tastes of foods and can decide whether a food is one of four things:

  1. Sweet
  2. Sour
  3. Salty
  4. Bitter

Did you know: our taste buds can change over time? So if there’s a food you don’t like now, it’s quite likely that you will like it at some point in the future!

At some point today, have a chat with a friend about some of the sweet, sour, salty and bitter foods you like/don’t like. Our first challenge to you is to only choose healthy foods to talk about!

We ALL love sweet, sugary foods. Our taste buds are programmed to love them, and to want more, and more, and more, and more!! However, we have to make a sensible choice – to enjoy a sweet, sugary food once in a while, but not all the time. Trust me – it makes them taste even more delicious if you have them just once in a while!

The next thing we’d like you to try, is to identify which foods from your lunchbox/school dinner are sweet/sour/salty/bitter – can you feel which part of your tongue is tasting them? Check if it’s the same as the picture above!

Ask you family which sweet/sour/salty/bitter foods they like too…

Nutrition Ninja

Have fun!

Nutrition Ninja 🙂

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5 Reasons your HEART is amazing!

  1. Your heart is about the size of both your hands clasped together.
  2. Girls’ heart beats are usually faster than boys’ heart beats.
  3. Your heart is actually a muscle! It is protected by a very good cage in your body, can you guess what this cage is? Feel the bones in your chest and around your back, what is the cage of bones called?
  4. You can keep your heart healthy by:
    • Exercising regularly – children your age should be exercising for an hour a day
    • Eating healthy foods – some of the best foods for your heart are: fish, berries, beans, olive oil, porridge and avocados (maybe not all together  though!!)
    • Relaxing and being happy – making sure you sleep enough, don’t get too worried about things, and taking time to enjoy healthy hobbies will help your heart.
  5. Getting outside helps to keep your heart healthy – sunshine on your skin (safely) will give you a boost of Vitamin D, which keeps your arteries working the way they should.

FUN FACT – An octopus has THREE hearts!! How many do you have?

What have you been doing this week to keep your heart healthy?

Do you know anything else about your heart you could share with the rest of the children from around the world on the Blog?


In health and happiness, from all the Health Champions!



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