Breathing well for better health

Morning Health Champions…how are we today?

Agent Lifestyle here! I’d like to give you a tip about breathing today, which will help you relax. It sounds obvious, but breathing is REALLY important for your health. Not just to keep you alive, but also to make you feel good.

On average, we breathe 20,000 times a day!!!

Breathing-in sends ‘oxygen’ around the body, to every single cell, giving them the energy they need to survive.

Breathing-out ‘carbon dioxide’ gets rid of waste products and toxins, the ones that damage our precious bodies if they stick around too long.

If we breathe well, we feel healthy and strong, calm and relaxed. If we forget to breathe well, or if something makes us breathe quickly, it can make us feel pretty rubbish!

Breathing well means taking deep, slow breaths in and out. Sitting and thinking about our breathing, and listening carefully to our gentle breath can make us feel restful and present (meaning we’re not distracted by things around us, and we feel peaceful).

Here’s an activity I’d love you to try:

It’s called ‘Handy Breathing’. We have tools that can help us – our hands!

  1. Hold your hand up in the air, and spread your fingers.
  2. With your other hand, place your finger at your wrist, underneath your thumb.
  3. Now gradually run your finger up and down the fingers on your hand, slowly.
  4. When you move up, breathe in slowly and deeply.
  5. When you move down, breathe out slowly and deeply.
  6. It’s important to watch your finger as you go, it helps us to feel relaxed and present.


What other information can you find out about breathing?

Let me know how you get on, and whether you have any questions!



Breathe in, breathe out

Agent Lifestyle 🙂


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What is ‘abundance’? How can it help us to be healthy?

Good morning everyone!

Today’s #tuesdaytip is about ABUNDANCE. Abundance means ‘a large quantity of something’ – or ‘a lot of something’. As it’s Anti-Bullying Week this week, focussing on ‘abundance’ is an important way of reminding us to help each other to be happy.

Having a lot of friends is great – more people to play with, more people to invite around your house, and more people to make you laugh! But sometimes, having just a couple of very close, caring friends is just as good – the ones you really trust, and know will always show you kindness.

Today, and for the rest of the week, why don’t you try to find ‘abundance’ in how happy you can make each other…we need a ‘large quantity’ of happiness in our schools, to help us with daily life. Do this by:

  • Talking to other children in your school that you’ve not spoken to before – they could be younger, or older.
  • Learn the names of 5 people you didn’t know before.
  • Speaking to new people when you’re with your parents.
  • Finding at least one way each day to make your best friends smile from ear-to-ear.
  • Doing something each day which makes your heart feel warm, and you feel peaceful.

We hope you find an abundance of happiness this week, for yourself, and others.

2-1Good luck!

Mindset Warrior 🙂

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How to get a better night’s sleep

How much sleep did YOU have last night?

Did you know, having the right amount of sleep allows our bodies to repair, perform tasks better and have a better memory? With a good nights sleep you’ll be able to run faster, learn new things easily, and it will help you grow, too!

Here are three tips for getting a better night’s sleep this week:

  • Give your parent or guardian a big CUDDLE before you go to bed tonight, and see if it helps you relax for a better night’s sleep.
  • READ a book to yourself, or ask someone else to read to you in bed as often as possible. Reading helps our eyes to relax, and sends us off into a gentle sleep.
  • Keep yourself COOL – perhaps ask your parent/guardian to open the window a little, and try to keep radiators turned low. Snuggle under your duvet for warmth!

I’m an expert on getting a good night’s sleep. Do you have any questions for me about sleep?




Agent Lifestyle, zzzzzzzzzzzzz


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