Spending time outdoors…

How much time do you spend outside in the Spring/Summer? Add up the total amount of time you spend outside before school, at lunchtime, and after school for your weekday amount. Then consider weekends as well – so your answer might look like this:

Weekdays – 2 hours

Weekends – 3 hours

What about in the Autumn/Winter? Do you spend more/less time outside?

What do you do outside, and why is it important to be outside? I want you to think deeper than ‘fresh air’…

Don’t forget, you can respond to each other by selecting ‘reply’. You can also post your own discussions if you start a new post, and select the category ‘Discussions’. Make sure you write a good paragraph though, not just a single question….

Agent Lifestyle 🙂

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What do you LOVE to eat and drink for breakfast?

In the past week, can you tell us what you’ve been eating and drinking for breakfast?

Where do you eat your breakfast?

Do you have any suggestions of how other children can make their breakfasts healthy?

Respond to these questions below, and keep an eye out for other people’s comments as they might give you new ideas for healthy breakfasts!


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