Nutrition Ninja’s Champion Challenge 2!

This weekend, I challenge you to make some cakes with your family! We have some excellent recipes to try below, ones which you’ll love! They’re also pretty healthy, and aren’t packed full of preservatives and processed sugars like the ones we can buy in the shops are. Home-made is always best when it comes to cake, and the weekend is the perfect time to spend baking with your family.

It’s important to write a list of all the ingredients you need before you start. You may need to go shopping with your parents first!

Try one of these recipes below, and show us a picture of the result! We’d love to hear how they taste…If you’re allergic to nuts, try seeds as an alternative. You can use coconut flour, or gluten free self-raising flour instead of almond flour as well!



Banana Nut Muffins 





Fitter Food Flapjacks





BOSH Brownies



The recipes come from our friends over at Fitter Food. This is a great website to look at if you’re looking for healthy recipes for the whole family!

Parents – you can also post your own healthy recipes…try to avoid posting ones with refined sugar in, opting for honey, dates, fruit or the sweeteners xylitol or stevia to sweeten instead. We’re going for nutrient dense options 🙂

Nutrition Ninja


Can’t wait to see your creations!

Nutrition Ninja 🙂

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Nutrition Ninja’s Food Challenge 1



Nutrition NinjaEating eggs for breakfast is a great way to start the day, but FRIENDSHIP EGGS are even better!

We have several eggy recipes to inspire new breakfast ideas for you in our breakfast recipe book (your Mum or Dad can download it here).

But BEFORE you make your egg breakfast, you need to make your FRIENDSHIP EGG!


You will need:

Two eggs; an adult; colouring pens; other decorations you’d like to use.

  1. Gently take an egg out of the egg carton.
  2. Use colouring pens and decorative tools (wool for hair maybe?) to make your whole egg look like one of your friends.
  3. Use the other egg to make your breakfast (with an adult helping you).

You can make more than one of course, but ask for permission first. 

Post two photos on the blog:

  1. A picture of your Friendship Egg, explaining who your friend is and why they make you happy.
  2. A picture of your delicious breakfast (don’t worry, if you don’t like eggs, you can choose another healthy alternative for breakfast!)


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