Captain Kinetic’s Movement Challenge 2!

This week, I have a very simple challenge for you…

Sometime this week, I’d like you to go on a bike ride…if you don’t have a bike, make it a skateboard ride…if you don’t have a skateboard, make it a scooter ride…if you don’t have a scooter, make it a roller-skate ride…or, ALL four!!

We’d like you to tell us where you went (roughly), what you saw, what you smelt, what you could hear, and what you had to eat/drink to fuel your ride! What do you like about riding?

Did you challenge yourself in any way? Did you learn a new trick? Did you ride for the first time without stabilisers?

Can you teach your friend some of your talents?

Captain Kinetic


I can’t wait to hear all about it. You can even add in a photo of yourself out for your ride.

Captain Kinetic 🙂


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