Join in with our classroom moves!

Here’s an energetic ‘classroom moves’ workout for you! You can probably do this at home as well, but you’ll need a table and a chair.

Table Kneels

Place you hands on the table in front of you, jump with both feet to kneel onto the table. Once you’re up there, sit tall on your knees/shins and claps you hands above your head three times. x10

Chair Squat Jumps

Turn your chair so it has space in front of it. Stand with your feet hip width apart. Sit down onto the chair, then stand up straight away. Once you’ve stood up, jump with both feet into the air! x15

Chair Presses

Kneel in front of your chair, holding onto the edges of the chair seat with your hands. Keep your tummy pulled in gently and do a ‘press up’ onto the chair. Be careful not to let your hips ‘dip’ down – keep your body from your shoulders down to your knees, straight. Push down on the chair, not forwards onto it (you don’t want it to slide away!) x 10

Chair Lifts

Stand with the bottom of your chair on the top of your head. Hold onto the edges of the chair seat. Press the chair into the air by straightening both arms straight upwards. Bring it back down to gently ‘tap’ your head then push it up again. x10

Step Up Chairs

Put two chairs next to each other. Hold a friend’s hand. Step up onto the chair, one foot at a time, then step back down. Once you’re up, stand up tall on both feet. Keep your balance the whole time. If it gets too difficult, just have a walk around the classroom instead. x5 on each leg

Do this circuit (one exercise after the other) once through, then go through it again, and again if you have lots of energy…so 2-3 circuits!

Captain Kinetic

How did you get on?

Captain Kinetic 🙂



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