The Children’s Health Blog is available to any class with pupils aged 4-11 years old. It has been created to encourage a global conversation between children, about health and wellbeing. We bring classes more than just information – our Health Champions will inspire you every day to make small, positive choices to improve your health and wellbeing – both for the body, and mind.

We believe children have a great opportunity to influence their own health and wellbeing. You may not be doing the weekly food shop, but you do have opportunities throughout the day to improve your health.

How you can get involved:

‘Daily Health Inspiration’ posts – Your teacher can share these with the class at the beginning of the day. These posts are fun, engaging and informative. We know teachers don’t have much time for additional activities in the curriculum, so these are quick and easy to access. They give teachers a source of inspiration to discuss health and wellbeing with their class thought the day. They run Monday – Friday, and are posted with their own hashtags:






We’d love you to get involved with comments on the posts, how they’ve inspired you, and other ideas you may have to stay healthy.

Champion Challenges – meet our Health Champions below! Captain Kinetic, Nutrition Ninja, Agent Lifestyle and Mindset Warrior will each set you a challenge over the course of two weeks. Their challenges will be based on their expert area of health – healthy movement, healthy eating, healthy habits and healthy thoughts.  As you start to use the Blog, you will learn more about the Health Champions. They each have ten things they are passionate about…

Captain Kinetic

Captain Kinetic loves healthy movement! He’s here to inspire you to move your body for better health.






Nutrition Ninja

Nutrition Ninja loves healthy eating! She’s here to inspire you to make healthy food choices.







Agent Lifestyle loves healthy habits, such as drinking enough water, and getting outside. He’s here to inspire you to take up new hobbies, and enjoy better sleep.





Mindset Warrior loves healthy thoughts that make her feel calm and happy. She’s here to inspire you to think positive thoughts about yourself, and others.




Writing your own posts – this blog isn’t just for the Health Champions to share their ideas and information – you can too! If your class teacher has signed up to be part of the blog, t’s possible you will be given a username and password. Once you’ve logged on, you have the opportunity to share your own inspirations. You could share:

  • Fun, energetic games you have created for the home, the garden or the park…
  • Healthy recipes that your whole family have enjoyed and you think others should try…
  • How your family stays fit and healthy…
  • How you help yourself drift off to sleep at night…
  • Interesting details about your hobbies…
  • The achievements you are really proud of…
  • Ways in which people have been good to you that day…
  • How you’ve helped others that day…

The list is endless! If you aren’t sure whether your post is relevant, or appropriate for the Children’s Health Blog, check with your teacher first.

So there you have it! Read the Daily Inspiration posts, take part in the Champion Challenges, and post your own thoughts and ideas for the world to hear! Why not get started now?!

All intellectual property rights in the characters Captain Kinetic, Healthy Nutrition Ninja, Mindset Warrior and Agent Lifestyle are held by The Children’s Health Project CIC, and will be enforced in the event of infringement.


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