Happiness Post of the Week – Dealing with Loneliness

Today I’m going to give you some ideas to help you deal with feeling lonelyhow many of you have felt lonely at some point this term?

We feel lonely when we feel disconnected. We could even be surrounded by other people, but still feel lonely. If we don’t feel connected to the people around us, we can feel isolated. The same happens if we communicate with our friends lots online, but not very much in person.

Loneliness makes us feel sad, negative and not very optimistic. It tells our bodies and our minds that something isn’t right, which feels wrong, for humans at least.

To feel less lonely, we need to make meaningful connections. One of the best ways to do this is to have something you do regularly, with people you care about the most. To create HABITS. For example:

With your friends

  • Cuddle when you see each other first thing in the morning at school, or when you say goodbye.
  • Tell each other how they’ve been a good friend that day, before you go home.
  • Ask each other how your evening was, during your first conversation of the day.
  • Draw each other a little picture once a week, which will make them smile.

With your family

  • Sit around the table to eat your dinner, so you can talk about your day/life in general.
  • Ask your parents a question about life every day when you get home from school.
  • Walk the dog with your parent after school, or at the weekend.
  • Go on a family bike-ride/walk every weekend.
  • Invite other members of the family round for dinner once a week.
  • Cuddle and kiss your parents/siblings goodnight every evening.
  • Drink some warm milk together before you go to bed.
  • Read stories to each other most days.

So there are lots of ways we can create connection with our friends and family. Create a small habit, one which will encourage you to show how much you care, and you can do every day/week. This will help you deal with feelings of loneliness.

What else could you do to feel less lonely at school, or at home?

Mindset Warrior 🙂



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