One thought on “#HealthQoftheDay #ThoughtfulThursday”

  1. Sam says his brother because Ben is better at sports than he is and he wants to be like his big brother.

    Liam says his friend Jacob because Jacob is faster at running than him.

    Isobel says her sister Jessie because she inspires her as she is very creative and can do stuff that Isobel can’t yet.

    Abigail says her younger sister Amelie because she is better at gymnastics that Abigail, as Amelie gets to go to gym lessons.

    Frankie says his friend Liam as Liam can run faster than him.

    Joe R says Scientists, as Joe enjoys our Science lessons and would like to get better at this subject.

    Samuelle says she would like to be like her younger sister Michelle, as Michelle can hula-hoop a little better than she can.

    Esther says she always tries to do her best, as she likes to show her sister Hannah in Heaven she is being a good girl.

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