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  1. We had great fun thinking of our ambitions! We learnt what the word meant and then we shared our ideas. Here are some of them!

    Jump out of an aeroplane,
    become a dentist,
    become a doctor, swim under the sea,
    work in India,
    become a pirate,
    become a train driver,
    become a police officer,
    a karate teacher,
    become an author,
    become an illustrator,
    become a pilot,
    become a police officer,
    become a fire-fighter!

    We will all have to work very hard to achieve our dreams!

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    1. Dear REMN
      Can I challenge your thinking even more…can you all name 1 thing you aspire to do, which isn’t a job/career. For instance, ‘jump out of an aeroplane’, ‘swim under the sea’ are not career ambitions, whereas being a train driver, or a police officer are. When you’re an adult, you will spend SOME of your week doing a job, but not ALL of your week…what other ambitions would you like to achieve in your spare time?
      Agent Lifestyle 🙂

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  2. We enjoyed this discussion too, we all had some great ideas:

    learn to swim,
    become a swimming teacher,
    be a policeman,
    be a fireman,
    be a doctor,
    become a ballerina,
    be a dentist,
    be a singer,
    be a teacher,
    become a vet,
    be a wrestler,
    cut hair,
    learn skateboard tricks,
    speak french,
    learn more about the stars,
    learn football skills,
    to play cricket,
    become an artist

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