Happiness Post – What has made you smile this week?

Sometimes, we can get weighed down with negative things in life, and forget the things that make us smile so much…

I’d love to know what’s made you smile, or laugh, this week? Look back over the last few days and think about your friends, or your family, or even a TV programme you’ve seen that has made you grin from ear to ear.

When I smile/laugh, it lifts my mood and helps me to feel positive and motivated. What happens with your emotions when you smile/laugh? 

Comedy can help us make sense of life when we’re feeling troubled. It reminds us that life isn’t so bad after all – we have a lot to be grateful for. How do you make other people smile or laugh?

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One thought on “Happiness Post – What has made you smile this week?”

  1. After class 4 discussed this, may of us had similar comments.

    When I’m feeling a little down I like to play jokes on people.
    When I’m feeling sad my Daddy tickles me to make me laugh.
    When I’m feeling sad, Andy picks me up and turns me upside down to make me smile.
    When I’m feeling sad, my Daddy pulls funny faces at me to make me laugh.
    I like to tell jokes to people when I see they are feeling sad.
    When I’m feeling sad, my Daddy blows raspberries on my tummy!

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