Life is a mixed bag…

It’s been quiet on the Blog this week – where are you all?! Having fun, feeling happy, eating well and moving lots hopefully!

Today we’re going to discuss ‘life’ itself!

Hills and dales…what are they?


One’s high, one’s flat. A bit like life really…sometimes we have high points: when we feel great, and sometimes we have times when we just feel a bit bleurgh.

Then there are the valleys: the really low points, when life is a bit rotten.


But this is all normal. Life has its hills, dales and valleys. It’s how we deal with them that is important.

Can you think of some opposites? Some hills and valleys? For example:

  • Health and illness
  • Happiness and sadness

Tell us some more in the comments below!

We recognise life can be a bit like that sometimes – the ups and the downs actually make us stronger in the long term (ask most adults and they will agree with this). A mixed bag of positives and negatives.

‘Resilience’ is the ability to deal with tough situations and be able to move on from them in some way.

When life throws in some unfortunate surprises, we should sit back and try to recognise that the intensity of negative emotions we feel right now, will probably not last forever. We should also try to find the positive in any situation: happy memories, to things to look forward to.

So this is life – it has its hills, dales and valleys unfortunately. Hopefully there will be more hills in all of your lives than there are dales and valleys!


Mindset Warrior 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Life is a mixed bag…”

  1. When we’re feeling low or in a ‘valley’ our advice is:
    Have positive thoughts
    Accept help and move on
    Talk about your feelings
    Look back on memories and the good times
    Tell someone to share the problem
    Do the things you enjoy to help yourself feel better
    Spending time with friends and family rather than on your own.
    We hope our advice helps anyone in a ‘valley’ 4M

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