Team work makes the dream work

Often, working as part of a team get things done quicker, better and can be more fun!

Today, try to organise a relay race at lunch time. Perhaps you could have different races for each year group?

Instead of just running the relay race, change it so that each member of the relay team has to move in a different way…

  1. Skip
  2. Jump
  3. Side-step
  4. Bear crawl

Obviously, you can choose different ways of moving if you want to, but start with these first.

You’ll need to work as a team to find out who is best at skipping, jumping, side-stepping and bear-crawling, to help you win the race. It’s easy to fall into an argument when you’re trying to decide. You need to make sure you’re all happy to do any of them, and that you’re working to make your team great, not just yourselves.

Let us know how you get on – what did you change to make the race better? Do you have other relay ideas? Where else could you do this?

Captain Kinetic


Have fun, and be a good team-player!

Captain Kinetic 🙂


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