Spending time outdoors…

How much time do you spend outside in the Spring/Summer? Add up the total amount of time you spend outside before school, at lunchtime, and after school for your weekday amount. Then consider weekends as well – so your answer might look like this:

Weekdays – 2 hours

Weekends – 3 hours

What about in the Autumn/Winter? Do you spend more/less time outside?

What do you do outside, and why is it important to be outside? I want you to think deeper than ‘fresh air’…

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3 thoughts on “Spending time outdoors…”

  1. At school i spend as much time as i can outdoors but not always at home, i like going outside because we can play. I spend most time outside in summer but not as much in winter which is sad because i cant go outside for my birthday.

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