How to get a better night’s sleep

How much sleep did YOU have last night?

Did you know, having the right amount of sleep allows our bodies to repair, perform tasks better and have a better memory? With a good nights sleep you’ll be able to run faster, learn new things easily, and it will help you grow, too!

Here are three tips for getting a better night’s sleep this week:

  • Give your parent or guardian a big CUDDLE before you go to bed tonight, and see if it helps you relax for a better night’s sleep.
  • READ a book to yourself, or ask someone else to read to you in bed as often as possible. Reading helps our eyes to relax, and sends us off into a gentle sleep.
  • Keep yourself COOL – perhaps ask your parent/guardian to open the window a little, and try to keep radiators turned low. Snuggle under your duvet for warmth!

I’m an expert on getting a good night’s sleep. Do you have any questions for me about sleep?




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21 thoughts on “How to get a better night’s sleep”

      1. I also have a small plastic cup of warm milk straight out of the microwave before I have reading time. I read for 10 minutes and then my parents come in and say goodnight. After that, I go to bed and in the morning I drink my warm milk, eat my breakfast and get dressed. After THAT I am feeling ready for a new day.

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  1. ??At school’ve been working on my handriting at school aswell i’ve been working really hard in maths at school.
    Also at school Ive realy liked science.✌️️✌️️????????
    I love school beacause I like doing handriting at school.?
    I love school beacause you get to play out side on the play grond.

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