What do you LOVE to eat and drink for breakfast?

In the past week, can you tell us what you’ve been eating and drinking for breakfast?

Where do you eat your breakfast?

Do you have any suggestions of how other children can make their breakfasts healthy?

Respond to these questions below, and keep an eye out for other people’s comments as they might give you new ideas for healthy breakfasts!



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24 thoughts on “BREAKFASTS!”

  1. I eat my breakfast at our new breakfast bar. My suggestion for eating a healthy breakfast is to have an actimel or fruit with your breakfast. Every morning I have an actimel but sometimes I forget so I have fruit instead.

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  2. I eat my breakfast at the dinning table. If I’m eating quick enough I am allowed to watch TV! Most mornings I have different kinds of cereal but sometimes I have toast. For a treat I have pancakes and bacon with a little bit of maple syrup.

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