Captain Kinetic’s Movement Challenge 1


** Children: Why not try this at home once you’ve done it in class? Get the whole family involved! Be sure to take a picture and post it on your blog page – Captain Kinetic would love to see you all keeping fit together!**

Activity: Stations

Equipment: chairs, tables, scraps of paper, 1 large sheet paper turned into a target

Organisation: Pupils are divided into 4 groups, each starting at a station.

  • There are three stations. Each station will need its own space in the classroom
  • Stations will go on for 3-5 minutes each (depending on age of the students)
  • You can send the pupils round each station once, or more – depending on how much of a break they need!

Chair sits / stands

  1. Students will use an ordinary classroom chair and must sit down on the floor in front of it
  2. using only their arms they must get themselves to the seated position on the chair
  3. They must then stand up using one leg
  4. They must then return to the seat and then to the floor and repeat for the time

Table crawls

  1. Standing on one side of a table, the students must crouch and crawl under the table and stand on the other side
  2. They must then go over the table and back to standing on the side they started on

Paper Ball Target Throw

  1. Using scrap paper, each player gets 3 paper balls (use colors or symbols on paper to show each players)
  2. 4 targets with concentric circles and labelled points (like an archery board)
  3. Split players equally between boards)
  4. Each player takes it in turns to throw 1 ball at a time (you can knock other players paper balls off)
  5. Player with the most points at the end of 3 balls each wins
  6. Note: encourage students to bring water to this station as it is a ‘resting’ station

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14 thoughts on “Captain Kinetic’s Movement Challenge 1”

    1. Well, that’s a lot of work – and great for your muscles and bones…maybe you should take some pictures and share them with others to inspire them to move like you!
      Captain Kinetic 🙂

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    1. Did you know that you can do lots of other core exercises as well Jaiden, which are not only good for you abdominal muscles, but also your other core muscles? For example ‘planks’ or a ‘front support’ shape in Gymnastics!
      Captain Kinetic 🙂

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